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High Quality Padlocks
for every application
Lock up with Confidence.
Stanley Padlocks are designed to give you the sense of security that you deserve. Constructed with strength and durability in mind, Stanley offers a wide range of padlock types for all residential and light commercial uses.

Bike Locks
Bike locks for mobile safety
ideal for All type of bikes
The Stanley® Bike Locks assortment offers you a wide range of different convenient and reliable bike locks. Whether combination cable, key cable, U-shaped or reflective– Stanley® will keep your family´s bikes save for e.g. quick stops or an all-day lock-up.
Travel Locks
TSA approved padlocks - A must-have
product for travelers
The Stanley® TSA approved Padlocks are the perfect company for travelers around the world. Travel Sentry Approved padlocks can be opened and re-locked with a special key by the international security administration at every airport worldwide without destruction. They are available in different colors, surfaces and shaping to personalize your baggage.
Special Locks
Special Designed Padlocks
for special occasions
Stanley® offers a variety of specialty locks like a Love Lock to show your love in a unique way or a Carabiner lock with a leash to secure your belongings while you are on the go.